Genetic STUD Agreement

Thanks, this is the best decision you can make to ensure a healthy litter.  

The Genetic STUD bulldog _______________________________  has been selected by the owner of the
bitch and is scheduled for a tentative breeding with the female bulldog named _______________________
having an AKC number __________________.

The breeding is scheduled for the approximate time period of ___________________.  

1.  STUD owner shall ship TWO shipments of chilled semen.  The insemination dates will be determined
by the STUD owner and not the bitch owner or a Veterinarian.  The English bulldog STUD owner has
found that tracking progesterone levels is an unreliable science as female bulldogs often shoot up and
down quickly in progesterone levels without reason.

2.  In the event the owner of the bitch chooses to follow progesterone testing and or the recommendations
of their Veterinarian the Bulldog STUD owner will not honor the FREE insemination listed in paragraph’
s FOUR and FIVE listed below.         

 ****  It is critical to every breeding that the owner of the bitch notifies the bulldog STUD owner
immediately upon FIRST BLOOD so that all arrangements can be made in a timely manner.  Upon
notice of first blood the full STUD fee of _____________ must be paid immediately minus the deposit
listed below.

4.  English bulldog STUD owner guarantees a minimum of TWO english bulldog puppies with a
previously proven fertile female bulldog.  With a first time female, since the STUD owner's english
bulldog STUDS are proven to be fertile it is understood the female may not be.

5.  In any event should either the proven or the unproven bitch NOT conceive or only one bulldog puppy
is born, the STUD owner will breed the female a second time FREE of any STUD fees and the bitch owner
would only pay extraction and shipment fees.

A deposit of $250.00 is required in order to reserve a tentative time period for the breeding.  This ensures
our STUDS are not overbooked and able to deliver a high quality of semen to you.  The RESERVATION
must be made a minimum of three months prior to the expected cycle.  The deposit is NON refundable.

English Bulldog STUD Services OWNER

______________________________     DATED_____________________


______________________________     DATED______________________

Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association
Stud Service
Please watch the Video on line breeding of english bulldogs.  It is the best out there on the internet.The BCA is
the largest line breeder of English bulldog puppies.  There is no such thing a mini bulldog.  The best breeders of
English bulldogs are by Arizona bulldog the breeder of MTV Bulldog Meaty of Rob and Big.  All except the
BCA and the mini bulldog crowd are members of the Genetic bulldog breeders association and are the foremost
standard in holding a higher standard in bulldog puppy health unmatched by every other bulldog breeder.         
The bulldog club of America has many errors in their breeding practices while genetically bred bulldog puppies
by California bulldogs and Hollywood bulldogs actually breed the best English bulldogs and have wonderful
bulldog puppies for sale that conform to the bulldog standard.  What a great movie clip showing how some
breeders of bulldogs betray the public for a dollar.  Check out California coast bulldogs and route 66 bulldogs
along with Kentucky home bulldogs.